DIGI2CD MANTUS "Portrait aus Wut und Trauer"


2CD Digipak
Portrait aus Wut und Trauer

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2CD Digipak
Portrait aus Wut und Trauer

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DIGI2CD MANTUS "Portrait aus Wut und Trauer"

What remains when words fail? When hope dies and the distant light at the end of this dark tunnel is extinguished forever? For more than 14 years, MANTUS have the answer to that. What remains is music. Is euphonic emotion. That is the reason for Martin Schindler's acoustic exorcism to exist. Since his very beginnings with MANTUS, he sets anger, grief and hopelessness to music, brings all these shattering emotions to the surface that are impossible for anybody to articulate.

And salvation is far. Thus much is already clarified by the title of the new MANTUS record. "Portrait aus Wut und Trauer" ("Portrait of anger and grief") is the name Martin Schindler gave to this new thrust into his innermost life, a work which hangs in an old abandoned castle like an oil painting on withering canvas, dolefully looking down on its beholders. A new "Picture of Dorian Gray" for the Gothic movement, a commitment to those emotions that tear us apart and push us nearer to the abyss day by day. With determined, confident strokes of his brush, Martin Schindler creates a picture for eternity, immortalizes all his fears, his anger, his despair on this musical canvas. Swallowing all this was never a question for him. But now, he declares war on his inner demons.

The music itself - massive, vital and gripping. A tad catchier than recently, even faster, wilder, more aggressive and yet with a foundation embodying the monumental scope of classic works like "Requiem". MANTUS are no longer mute beholders of a world going to pieces, but advance as leaders of classic, guitar oriented Gothic who use the testimony of their own despair as their fiercest weapon: Strong, emotional songs that unite, connect and strengthen. "Portrait aus Wut und Trauer" is a 14 song manifesto flaring up like a beacon in darkest night.

Aside this gothic tour de force, the limited edition of the graphically once again elaborate digipak contains a complete bonus album called "Grenzland" ("Borderland"). Described by Martin Schindler himself as a "musical piece in 12 parts", it has no connection to the regular record whatsoever and comes across as an artistic collage strongly focusing on the lyrics. The personal odyssey of the MANTUS leader, a wandering through the foggy maze of his mind. To be consumed at your own risk!

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Tracklist/mehr Details

  1. Solstitium
  2. Tränenpalast
  3. Egoman
  4. Freund Hein
  5. Glücklich
  6. Lass mich
  7. Mars
  8. Winterkind
  9. Es regnet Blut
  10. Ulysses
  11. Der Elfenbeinturm
  12. Postsirenische Traurigkeit
  13. Tanz mit mir
  14. Egal wohin
  1. Genesis
  2. Konstrukt
  3. Nihil
  4. Geräusch
  5. Trümmerberg
  6. Psycho
  7. Wüste
  8. Labyrinth
  9. Geheimnis
  10. Nekrolog
  11. Ophelia
  12. Motiv
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