exklusives Fan-Set
A Passage to Rhodesia



exklusives Fan-Set
A Passage to Rhodesia

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Fan-Set Rome "A Passage to Rhodesia"

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Tracklisting CD#1:
01. Electrocuting An Elephant
02. The Ballad Of The Red Flame Lily
03. One Fire
04. A Farewell To Europe
05. The Fever Tree
06. Hate Us And See If We Mind
07. The River Eternal
08. A Country Denied
09. Lullaby For Georgie
10. In A Wilderness Of Spite
11. Bread And Wine
12. The Past Is Another Country


Tracklisting CD#2:
01. The Road To Rebellion
02. The Declaration
03. A Short 1000 Years
04. A Deafening Silence
05. The Great Divide
06. Matabele Land
07. Open Grass/ High Ground
08. The Rape Gate
09. Wreaths
10. The When-Wes Of Rhodesia
11. Gesture Without Motion
12. Ending An Era


Hate Us And See If We Mind (video clip)
Amsterdam The Clearing (video clip)
This Silver Coil (video clip)
A Day In Rome – An Extended In-Depth Conversation With Jerome Reuter


Technische Angaben DVD: Stereo 2.0, PAL, Bildformat 16:9, All Regions

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