CD Rome "Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit-Band 2"


Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit-Band 2

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released 13.01.2012


Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit-Band 2

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CD Rome "Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit-Band 2"

Part 2 of the trilogy 'Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit - Aufruhr or A Cross Of Fire'. Here, Rome present a stylistic and emotional potpourri where all manner of things are on offer: rousing folk numbers with an almost seditious air, dark romantic ballads as well as intimiste collages. Without ever becoming enslaved to one particular ideological alignment or descending into nihilism, the song cycle portrays the history of the libertarian/revolutionary movement within Europe and at the same time underlines the human importance of such an endeavour. After volume 1 tried to capture the initial spark of a revolt, the strength of an awakening, volume 2 concerns itself with the beauty of the righteous fight and also the constantly impending danger of it becoming perverted.

'We must doubt ourselves. The clarity of our intentions, the profundity of our thoughts, the benevolence of our deeds! We must doubt our own truthfulness! Do lies not already linger in them again?' - Ilse Aichinger

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1. The Brute Engine
2. Seeds Of Liberation
3. To Each His Storm
4. Sons Of Aeeth
5. August Spies
6. To Be Governed
7. Families Of Eden
8. Red Years - Black Years
9. Little Rebel Mine
10. The Breaking Part
11. Eagle And Serpent
12. A Cross Of Fire
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