Monica Jeffries

Into Temptation

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released 29.04.2016

Monica Jeffries

Into Temptation

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CD+Din A2 Poster Monica Jeffries "Into Temptation"

A musical sensation between retro and modern.
New Wave-sound meets dark electro and synth pop.
Twelve energetic tracks for the dark halls of underground clubs.
Refined, sexy and catchy.

For a long time it seemed as if it had disappeared, the music once performed week after week on the underground club scene. Yet artists like Anne Clark and Co. still manage to fill today?s dancefloors. However some might maintain that: "There is nothing new on offer." Really? Suddenly Monica Jeffries appears on the scene, giving her own contemporary interpretation of the popular sound from the past.

Yet this artist is far from being backward-looking with her evocative melodies, combined with guitar riffs that round
off the electronic sound and give the overall composition a modern, fresh allure. The unique voice of MONICA JEFFRIES is doing the rest.

As a live artist, she has already toured with long-established greats from this scene such as: Project Pitchfork, Crüxshadows, DAF and Front Line Assembly. Her project, that has been on the market since 2014, continues to generate positive vibes & great expectations for the future.

Her EPs, "In Circles" and "Old Demons", already give a foretaste of the long awaited album, "INTO TEMPTATION?, that is finally now in the starting blocks and raring to go! Twelve energetic tracks are just waiting to fill up all those halls in underground clubs and seamlessly take their rightful place among the old classics
and new hits.

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tracklist/more details

01 Into Temptation 5:23
02 No More 5:03
03 New Moon Rising (Extended Version) 4:47
04 Window Of Hope 5:29
05 Nineteen Eighty-Four 3:55
06 The Road Ahead (Hybrid Version) 5:03
07 In Circles 5:00
08 Old Demons (Album Version) 4:18
09 Drowning In Love (Extended Album Version) 6:12
10 Waiting For Godot (Moonlight Version) 4:20
11 Surrender No Resistance (Absolute Body Control Cover) 4:25
12 One Hundred Twenty-Eight BPM 2:49
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