Clan Of Xymox

12" Vinyl
Darkest Hour

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released 12.01.2018

Clan Of Xymox

12" Vinyl
Darkest Hour

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12" Vinyl CLAN OF XYMOX "Darkest Hour"

  • Transparent 12" vinyl
  • 180g audiophile vinyl - German pressing!
  • Sturdy cardboard sleeve
  • Printed inner sleeve and containing all lyrics
  • Printed vinyl labels
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies world-wide

How would the classic Dark Wave from the eighties sound today? Which path would the cult acts of the legendary 4AD label take with the possibilities of our modern world? As an answer to these questions, CLAN OF XYMOX deliver their foreboding 13th studio album "Darkest Hour" - an enthralling journey through the past, present and future of gloomy Goth/Dark Wave sounds.

After CLAN OF XYMOX enthused the scene in the summer of 2009 with their quite Goth Rock oriented "In Love We Trust", the return of the Dark Wave pioneers has become surprisingly electronic. Without omitting the foggy guitars painting their characteristically melancholic aura into the songs, the framework on "Darkest Hour" consists of an elaborate composition of enigmatic Electro sounds and mesmerizing Dark Wave nostalgia - a combination effortlessly melting contemporary sound demands and the aura that made the self-titled XYMOX debut an instant classic in 1985.

Ronny Moorings' passion for huge, sensual melodies, mystical sound experiments and seductive dance rhythms is as unbroken as it ever was. Melancholy, energy and determination rule "Darkest Hour", a record whose tracks "My Reality" or the hypnotic club hit "Delete" will work on any dancefloor, but that also delivers gripping entertainment and world-class Goth hymns with "Dream Of Fools" or the breathtaking "Wake Up My Darling". Crowned, as usual, with Ronny's unmistakable vocals instilling the necessary dark passion into his Dark Wave elegies.

An impressive 30 years have passed since the founding of CLAN OF XYMOX - a period being revisited on the new album and leading to ten modern Dark Wave classics ready to be instantly introduced into the canon of gloomy music. To be released on Ronny Moorings' birthday, "Darkest Hour" is music for the night, is music for life and for death, is music for eternity.

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Tracklisting - Seite 1:
  1. My Reality
  2. Delete
  3. My Chicane
  4. Dream Of Fools
  5. Deep Down I Died
Tracklisting - Seite 2:
  1. In Your Arms Again
  2. She Did Not Answer
  3. Tears Ago
  4. The Darkest Hour
  5. Wake Up My Darling
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