Clan Of Xymox

2x12" Vinyl
Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul

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released 12.01.2018

Clan Of Xymox

2x12" Vinyl
Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul

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2x12" Vinyl CLAN OF XYMOX "Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul"

  • Orange 2x 12" vinyl
  • 180g audiophile vinyl - German pressing!
  • Sturdy cardboard sleeve
  • Printed inner sleeves and containing all lyrics
  • Printed vinyl labels
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies world-wide

Ronny Moorings just doesn't run out of good ideas. Which is impressing indeed as he has been giving the traditional Goth community a treat in first-class sonic darkness since 1984. 30 years of CLAN OF XYMOX is an impressive anniversary and the final proof that this band is among the last, biggest and most essential bands of a very special genre. Just laying back, though, is still out of the question for the Dutch scene pioneer with that characteristic beehive on his head: Instead of a best-of, a re-issue or a live album, he delivers the all-new studio album "Matters of Mind, Body and Soul" that above everything else stands for one thing: CLAN OF XYMOX still are the Gothic scenes' big spin doctors.

Perhaps it was due to last years' cover album "Kindred Spirits", perhaps due to an overall focus on old habits: "Matters of Mind, Body and Soul" has become a captivating, darkly sparkling diamond of an album, a deep bow to all things Gothic. The enigmatic magic, the voluptuous melodies, the foggy atmosphere and this very peculiar sense of tragic romance clad the album and float around the listener like a shroud. Gothic of the 21st century may be in a tough position, but CLAN OF XYMOX effortlessly prove that this genre has lost nothing of its relevance, nothing of its radiation. You just need to find the correct expression.

Who's entering the album with a 6-minute-intro has a lot to say. And that's more than true for Ronny Moorings: In more than 60 minutes, CLAN OF XYMOX pull out all the stops and deliver energy, ideas and creativity as if they were about to release their debut album - and not their 15th studio work. "She is Falling in Love" shines with lost melodies and vibrant electronics as if Ronny Moorings made a song with DEPECHE MODE, "Kiss and Tell" shyly kisses the Wave era on the cheek before daring a fatal love affair with classic Goth dreaming.

"Matters of Mind, Body and Soul" melts contrasts like these into a coherent, harmonious, passionate album that would have become one of the genre's biggest milestones 20 years ago. Yet, thanks to Ronny Moorings ingenious craft, even today this album manages to reach a goal that has long become unreachable for other contestants of this art form: To deliver a timeless, deeply emotional Gothic record. Chapeau, Ronny!

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Tracklisting LP#1 - Seite 1:
  1. Once In A Blue Moon
  2. She Is Falling In Love
  3. The Climate Changed
Tracklisting LP#1 - Seite 2:
  1. Hector
  2. I Close My Eyes
  3. Hand In Glove

Tracklisting LP#2 - Seite 1:

  1. Your Own Way
  2. Love's On Diet
  3. I'll Let You Go
Tracklisting LP#2 - Seite 2:
  1. Months Ago
  2. Kiss And Tell
  3. Chinese Whispers
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