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released 25.11.2011

Corvus Corax


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CD Corvus Corax "Sverker"

In their 23rd year of existence, Corvus Corax the precursors of medieval music in modern times - take their listeners on a journey through the medieval cultures of Northern Europe. Celtic poetry and dances ranging from the 7th to the 12th century, as well as Vikings dances, cover a wide range from Island by way of Ireland to Scandinavia and bear witness to the life in the north of the Europe once occupied by the Romans. With their knowledge and ancient instruments, compiled in laborious years, Corvus Corax paint a multifaceted picture of the pagan peoples who became a legend long ago. Sometimes they are epically powerful like in the title track Sverker , at other times merry like the Gaelic spring song "Lá í mBealthaine".

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  1. Intro Gjallarhorni
  2. Gjallarhorni
  3. Sverker
  4. Fiach Dubh
  5. Trinkt vom Met
  6. The Drinking Loving Dancers
  7. Lá í mBealtaine
  8. Havfrue
  9. Baldr
  10. Ragnarök
  11. Tjúgundi biðil
  12. Na Láma-sa
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