Death in Rome

ltd 12" Vinyl

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released 08.04.2018

Death in Rome

ltd 12" Vinyl

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12" Vinyl Death in Rome "V2"

Black vinyl 180g - Limited to only 345 copies worldwide!

Was allready sold out, we managed to get the last Copies from the label for you.

Absolutely beautifull Neofolk Coverversions you would never have expected to enjoy in such versions! Featuring songs by Kate Bush, The Pet Shop Boys, Ace of Base, The Beatles, Kaoma. And some ORIGINAL Neofolk songs.

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  1. Sinking Sand
  2. Style
  3. Warm Machine
  4. It'a a Sin
  5. The Sign
  6. Every Generation got its own Disease
  7. Lambada
  8. Lion and the Lamb
  9. All together Now
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