Death in Rome


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released 12.01.2018

Death in Rome



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DigiPakCD Death in Rome "V2"

Limited Edition (500 pcs) Digipak CD

Death in Rome are back more gloomy and dark then ever with a new obscure work called V2, featuring new cover versions and one original song. Who knew these Guys could cause so much trouble?

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  1. Sinking Sand (Original track)
  2. Style (Taylor Swift - Cover)
  3. Warm Machine (Bush -Cover)
  4. It'a A Sin (Pet Shop Boys - Cover)
  5. The Sign (Ace of Base - Cover)
  6. Every Generation Got Its Own Disease (Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Cover)
  7. Lambada (Kaoma - Cover)
  8. Lion And The Lamb (TV Smith - Cover)
  9. All Together Now (The Farm - Cover)
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