CD NACHTMAHR "Feuer Frei!"


Feuer Frei!

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released 06.06.2008


Feuer Frei!

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CD NACHTMAHR "Feuer Frei!"

We are living in a world of total war and it is the duty of the arts to deal with that fact: Let the music become the nightmare of our fragile society, let thundering beats disrupt our weak existence like grenades! Futurism was yesterday, today it's NACHTMAHR. The Austrian EBM Industrial Project by Thomas Rainer (L'ame Immortelle) has truly taken off with its Fulltime-Album "Feuer frei". Pounding industrial beats strike our ears like 70 mm bullets. The masses do not march into war, they rave and celebrate the apocalypse to the sweet sound of the Stalin organ. A storm of steel rips the world apart - beyond politics, religion and all borders- but also launches a new beginning. NACHTMAHRis the catharsis for the world on the brink of destruction, dancing on its own ruins without recognising its fate. Faith and hope are lost when only this phoenix rises from the ashes: the double-headed eagle of NACHTMAHR.

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1. Nachtmahr
2. Feuer Frei!
3. Leistung
4. Opferzeit
5. Karussell
6. Mein Name
7. Endzeitstimmung
8. Hochmut
9. Ich Glaube
10. Deus Ex Machina
11. Katharsis
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