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Limited Collector's Set: 2CD Hardcover Buch plus T-Shirt

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Limited Collector's Set: 2CD Hardcover Buch plus T-Shirt

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ltd. Col. Set: 2CD-Book+T-Shirt NACHTMAHR "Antithese"

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For the die-hard fans!

The new limited album plus a wonderful t-shirt of the leading Industrial band.

FRONT: NACHTMAHR logo, motto "Gegenkultur" (engl. "counter-culture") and NACHTMAHR nightmare warrior

BACK: Motto "Ein Ziel. Ein Wille. Ein Sieg." (engl. "A goal. A will. A victory.") and diamond logo

PRINT: Red and white on black t-shirt

INSIDE: Discreet print inside neck area

MISCELLANEOUS: Striking red woven label on sleeve

T-SHIRT: 100% Organic ring-spun combed Cotton, 155 gsm


  • Deluxe hardback picture book with 2 CDs
  • CD 1: the album 'Antithese'
  • CD 2: the bonus EP 'Apokalypse'
  • Outer wrap printed in colour and featuring additional metallic print
  • With brand new and explicit 'fine military erotica' artwork
  • 72 pages, in a large format worthy of the superb visual imagery (approx 28 x 28 cm)
  • Contains all album lyrics
  • Fine art print on high-quality, glossy coated 150g paper, with additional metallic ink
  • Black front and rear endpapers
  • Elaborate black thread stitching
  • Certificate hand-numbered and signed by Thomas Rainer
  • Strictly limited to 2,000 copies worldwide

No summer without winter, no life without death - unwritten laws carrying the very foundation of this world. Yet, nobody wants to swim against the current, nobody dares to question our so-called morality. 

No one? There is one. 

One who is marching to a different drum since the day he appeared on the scene. His name is Thomas Rainer - Lucifer amongst angels, Prometheus amongst gods. In other words: the antithesis to all hypocrisy, a thorn in the flesh of conformity. NACHTMAHR is his weapon, a vessel holding a mirror in the face of our perverted society.

Eleven years into the career of Industrial Electro's most controversial project, Supreme Commander Rainer is taking NACHTMAHR back to its untamed beginnings - with an album title that is throwing the gauntlet at all those hypocrites, haters and bigmouths out there. "Antithese" is an offensive record, one which bares its teeth, boldly stating, "I am not like you!" In addition, Thomas Rainer is delivering his most sumptuous, lavish and lustful artwork in a career not exactly lacking intensity.

Rainer here is commanding his army of beats, sequences and dominating vocals in a decidedly more aggressive, throbbing and heavier fervor than in recent years, returning to his glorious roots, but at the same time benefiting from his years of experience. The result is a thundering will to power set to ignite fear in the hearts of his opponents. By encompassing the massive expertise of his eleven-year-long Industrial war with the hard-line conflagration of his early days, he unleashes a creature fiercely redefining the NACHTMAHR universe with apocalyptic monuments: "Heile mich!" is his next safe bet on a massive club hit, "Treibjagd" is harking back to his earliest beginnings, while "Dein Herr" is once again showcasing Rainer's prowess in bone-dry EBM. 

Also - or primarily - the lyrics get rid of any subtlety once and for all. Thomas Rainer is looking for trouble - and trouble will find him. But as always, he is prepared. "Antithese" is a release that will yield him even more enemies who, in turn, will once again be unable to overcome his juggernaut of sheer Industrial superiority. Enemies who will drool over provocative artwork brought to life during a sinful session in Moscow and who will again retreat like cowards to the holes from whence they came. 

Thomas Rainer is stronger, more defiant, and his will unbreakable.

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