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ltd. coll.Set T-Shirt+12" Picture Vinyl Edition NACHTMAHR "Mädchen in Uniform"


Limited Collector?s Set: 12" Picture Vinyl plus T-Shirt
Mädchen in Uniform

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Limited Collector?s Set: 12" Picture Vinyl plus T-Shirt
Mädchen in Uniform

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ltd. coll.Set T-Shirt+12" Picture Vinyl Edition NACHTMAHR "Mädchen in Uniform"

For the die-hard fans!

The limited 12” picture vinyl edition of “Mädchen in Uniform” plus a revised version of the long-deleted and greatly sought-after t-shirt “Verräter werden erschossen” from NACHTMAHR’s early days. 

FRONT: NACHTMAHR logo and execution scene

BACK: Slogan: „Verräter werden erschossen“ (“Traitors will be shot”) and NACHTMAHR laurel wreath logo

PRINT: White and red on black t-shirt

INSIDE: Discreet print inside neck area

MISCELLANEOUS: Striking red woven label on sleeve

T-SHIRT: 100% Organic ring-spun combed Cotton, 155 gsm




Don’t you want them too, these girls in uniform? With their well-behaved partings, their dutifully buttoned shirts and their shiny leather boots? Chins erect and chests held high, they stand in rank and file, awaiting further instructions from NACHTMAHR high command...

With his brand new EP “Mädchen in Uniform” General Thomas Rainer dedicates a long overdue monument to the uniformed ladies of this world. And while the musical side harshly breaks rank with the back catalogue, the visual and conceptual side retain their dominant militaristic approach.

After global thrusts on the concert front and the destroying storm of decadence and obsession aptly named “Alle Lust will Ewigkeit” which laid the world to waste and successfully defended the peak of the DAC (German Alternative Charts) for several weeks in a row, Supreme Commander Rainer puts a sonic middle finger to all those accusing the Austrian Imperial Industrial commando of monotony. Not only is “Mädchen in Uniform” far from the usual album extraction - the three all new tracks moreover offer a musical experience that certainly was not expected from this project.

A passionate salute to military clothing, the title track surprises as an old fashioned, straight EBM attack in the vein of DAF or SPETSNAZ, equipped with intense vocals and blazing lyrics that once more speak out loud something we all secretly think: Girls in uniforms are devilishly sexy!

And this is only the beginning: Enigmatic and influenced by Latin American sounds, NACHTMAHR evoke the malicious fable creature El Chupacabra in the stomping industrial track of the same name. But the EP’s second big trump is doubtlessly a very special cover version that will drop your chins: With imperialistic vigour and fierce vocals the high society farce “Titanic” by the infamous Austrian Superstar FALCO is being claimed for the empire, its decadent core fitting perfectly in the NACHTMAHR universe.

Several adaptations, among them a congenial FADERHEAD interpretation of the marching title track and remixes by FEINDFLUG, MODULATE and others of the DAC number 1, “Tanzdiktator” and “Mörder”, complete the musical side of this EP whose visual side explores new areas of military seduction. Unmistakably committed to the obsessive, sexualized style of the last release, the artwork is a provocative homage to the much disputed and scandalizing Italian movie “The Night Porter”.

But now, dear girls, put on your uniforms: General Rainer asks for the next dance.

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Tracklisting - Seite 1:
  1. Mädchen in Uniform
  2. Titanic
  3. El Chupacabra
  4. Tanzdiktator
  5. Mörder
  6. \t
Tracklisting - Seite 2:\t
  1. Mädchen in Uniform (FADERHEAD Remix)
  2. Tanzdiktator (MODULATE Remix)
  3. Tanzdiktator (SKINJOB Remix)
  4. Tanzdiktator (YADE Remix)
  5. Mörder (FEINDFLUG Remix)
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