12" Vinyl+CD Gatefold
Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro

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released 18.01.2019


12" Vinyl+CD Gatefold
Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro

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12" Vinyl+CD ROME "Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro"


  • Red 180g 12" vinyl
  • High quality, super-audiophile disc - German pressing!
  • Sumptuous gatefold sleeve
  • Reverse board printed cover
  • 20 pages poster booklet made from special untreated paper
  • All graphics in a large format that does the imagery justice (30 x 30cm approx.)
  • Printed inner sleeves
  • Inner sleeve made from special untreated paper
  • Printed vinyl labels
  • The CD contains the new studio album ?Le Ceneri di Heliodoro'
  • CD in slipcase
  • Certificate hand-numbered and signed by Jérôme Reuter
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies

ROME - a city under siege. A city in flames. It remains impossible for the beholder to discern the parties at war, but it is obvious that the whole continent is in uproar. On 'Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro' ('The ashes of Heliodoro'), ROME's mastermind Jerome Reuter does not shy away from the provocative and ambiguous and thus tackles new terrain and touchy subject matters such as Europe's dissolving unity, or its relations to the US and the fragile fraternity of its nations. The questions of continuity and identity have marked this decade of decline and have left an undeniable impression on Reuter's work. But what will come of this mysterious Heliodoro - prophet or demon, saviour or slayer? Reuter leaves these - as most other questions - unanswered in this neofolk tour de force. 

This 13th album, indeed, marks a return to the martial folk origins of the project and it is a grim and bleak picture Reuter is painting in these poignant folk songs. We are left with having but one choice: to try and find the necessary strength within ourselves, if we are to survive this turmoil. Thus, inevitably, the album is also an homage to ROME's unique brand of outsiderdom. 

We are left breathless. The city is alight in flames, delighting our eye in the beauty of its ruin. Uropia O Morte!

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tracklist/more details

Tracklisting LP – Seite 1:

  1. Sacra Entrata
  2. A New Unfolding
  3. Who Only Europe Know
  4. The West Knows Best
  5. Feindberührung
  6. Fliegen wie Vögel

Tracklisting LP – Seite 2:

  1. One Lion’s Roar
  2. Black Crane
  3. La Fin D’Un Monde
  4. The Legion of Rome
  5. Uropia O Morte
  6. Desinvulture

Tracklisting CD:

  1. Sacra Entrata
  2. A New Unfolding
  3. Who Only Europe Know
  4. The West Knows Best
  5. Feindberührung
  6. Fliegen wie Vögel
  7. One Lion’s Roar
  8. Black Crane
  9. La Fin D’Un Monde
  10. The Legion of Rome
  11. Uropia O Morte
  12. Desinvulture
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