limitierte 12" Vinyl

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released 30.08.2019


limitierte 12" Vinyl

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lim. 12" Vinyl ROME "Käferzeit"

  • Black 180g 12" vinyl
  • Mastered specially for vinyl
  • High quality, super-audiophile disc - German pressing!
  • Sturdy cardboard sleeve
  • Reverse board printed cover
  • Black inner sleeves with antistatic lining
  • Postcard
  • Hand-numbered by Jérôme Reuter
  • Personally signed by Jérôme Reuter
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies

“Käferzeit” - the time of beetles, is the first instalment in a series of releases featuring exclusively martial ambient material and "industrial" collages, partially reminiscent of earlier ROME works such as “Hate Us and See if We Mind” (2013), “A Passage to Rhodesia” (2014) or parts of the “Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit” trilogy (2011). Whereas ROME's oeuvre usually features lots of guitar work, “Käferzeit” focuses on complex industrial loops, unconventional bruitist arrangements and instrumental ambient collages.

The images evoked by these martial soundscapes (mostly made of restored period audio material and found sounds)  transport us back to Europe's blood-drenched past, when ideologies were still battling each other to the death on European soil. Images of armoured creatures digging foxholes in a landscape ravaged by war; of the futility of defending trenches against murderous incursions, as shells tear bodies apart, souls apart.

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Tracklisting - Seite 1:

  1. Einmarsch
  2. Die Grenadiere
  3. Der Sinn des Krieges
  4. Die Freiwilligen
  5. Vormarsch
  6. Fahnen im Hinterland
  7. Der Korsar
  8. Manöver
  9. Ein Schlag (auf fremder Erde)

Tracklisting - Seite 2:

  1. Die Landsknechte
  2. Im Bruderkampf
  3. Die Stille
  4. Verbrannte Erde
  5. Im Graben
  6. Das Niemandsland
  7. Die Einheit
  8. Sirenen
  9. Die Parade
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