The Skinflicks

limitierte 12"-Vinyl+CD
Luxembourg's Most Hated - 20-Year-Anniversary Anthology 1997

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The Skinflicks

limitierte 12"-Vinyl+CD
Luxembourg's Most Hated - 20-Year-Anniversary Anthology 1997

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ltd. 12"-Vinyl+CD The Skinflicks "Luxembourg's Most Hated - 20-Year-Anniversary Anthology 1997-2007"


  • White 180g 12" vinyl
  • High quality, super-audiophile disc - German pressing!
  • Sturdy cardboard sleeve
  • Reverse board printed cover
  • Printed inner sleeve
  • Inner sleeve made from special untreated paper
  • Printed vinyl labels
  • CD containing all songs of the anthology album
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies

Trisol is very proud to make some of the most visceral street punk hymns of the late 90s and early 2000s available again. It's been 20 years since the formation of THE SKINFLICKS - Luxembourg's most antagonized crew of the last century. So it's time to celebrate! The band appeared out of nowhere and during their brief but hard-hitting presence on the European street punk scene, they delivered many instant sing-along classics and quickly established themselves as the new hope of Oi!-music, the soon-to-be kings of terrace chants... well, for a minute or two, at least.

THE SKINFLICKS were formed on November 28th, 1997, after one long night of drinking at a tragically boring pub in the south of Luxembourg. After several months of frequent changes in line-up, the final version of what to this day remains Luxembourg's only Oi-band came into being: Jerome had moved from drums to the front of the stage, Tom was still getting to grips with the 6-string, Patrick had replaced Muck on bass and Gilbert moved in to be the drummer to end all drummers.

The teenaged SKINFLICKS were the unapologetic and somewhat over-the-top answer to the self-righteous arseholery of the highly politicized latter-day anarcho-hardcore crowd that was still considering itself the bee's knees on the local scene. The spirit of punk was in quite a bad shape in privileged Luxembourg and, internationally speaking, the 90s had reduced punk to being some pseudo-Californian feel-good rock that could potentially sell millions of records. THE SKINFLICKS found themselves in a local rock-scene mellowed down by suicidal Cobain-lookalikes and leather-clad weekend guitar-heroes.

Nonetheless, the tristesse of the once-glorious working-class areas of southern Luxembourg's steel industry proved to be the perfect backdrop to their in-yer-face brand of street punk.
As was to be expected, the band quickly found themselves in rivers of shit at home because of their get-up and devil-may-care attitude. Short-cut hair was still equaled to right-wing politics, as very few people were aware of the history of the Oi-movement. THE SKINFLICKS had always subscribed to a non-sectarian attitude within the scene, being quite outspoken about not supporting any right-wing causes or views, while staying away from far-left politics as well. This proved to be a tricky balancing act, as it was for all Oi-bands at the time. The fan base was made of equal parts of mohawks and shaved heads and what have you - proof that there was an ever-increasing part of the various punk scenes that was fed-up with the self-righteousness of the underground and alienated from the popularized versions of their respective cults and tribes.

The new line-up ended up releasing several records from 1998 to 2003, of which the most important songs have been assembled on this anthology. This collection most notably includes songs from their 2000 EP "Steel-Toe Anthems", which has only ever been available as an extremely limited edition sold and manufactured by the band themselves at their shows that same year. The crew had disbanded before any label could give these songs the adequate packaging and format. Also featured on this anthology are the most notorious songs of the band's two full-length albums "Lies, Damned Lies & Skinhead Stories" and "Beyond Good and Evil". Among these are classics like "What I am", a song that has been covered again and again by various colleagues in the genre over the last two decades and the seminal tongue-in-cheek "I hate Hippies".

After the disbandment of the group, all members went on to perform in other outfits and projects. Patrick for one, is still active with his ska band TOXKÄPP! and also joined Jerome in his dark folk project ROME.

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tracklist/more details

Tracklisting CD:

  1. What I am
  2. I hate Hippies
  3. Do or be done
  4. Kings without a crown
  5. No-Slo-Mo Pogo
  6. Media
  7. Smash the Love Parade
  8. Brugge Skins
  9. Terrace Terror
  10. Incarnation of sin
  11. Stick yer disco up yer arse!
  12. Gods and Laws
  13. Hold On
  14. The Pride of our scene
  15. Lionhearts
  16. Skinhead

Tracklisting LP#1 - Seite 1:

  1. What I am
  2. I hate Hippies
  3. Do or be done
  4. Kings without a crown
  5. No-Slo-Mo Pogo
  6. Media
  7. Smash the Love Parade
  8. Brugge Skins

Tracklisting LP#1 - Seite 2:

  1. Terrace Terror
  2. Incarnation of sin
  3. Stick yer disco up yer arse!
  4. Gods and Laws
  5. Hold On
  6. The Pride of our scene
  7. Lionhearts
  8. Skinhead
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