SAMSAS TRAUM VS. Weena Morloch

2CD Digi Pack

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released 02.12.2011

SAMSAS TRAUM VS. Weena Morloch

2CD Digi Pack

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2CD SAMSAS TRAUM/Weena Morloch "Ka?fer.Maden.Wu?rmer.Spinnen"

With his bands Samsas Traum and Weena Morloch, Alexander Kaschte has terrorised the German music scene for over one and a half decades and has achieved great success, despite all the enviousness and prophecies of doom. He has appeared on the soundtracks to the Hollywood blockbusters 'SAW II' and 'SAW III' and has composed music for the Vienna Theatre. On his most recent Samsas Traum and Weena Morloch albums, he ably mastered a balancing act between the musical past and the more fully-developed music of the present day: 'Anleitung zum Totsein' and 'Amok' were enthusiastically received by fans and press alike and are widely regarded as being the pinnacle of Kaschte's career to date.

Kaschte has always been interested in collaborating with other musicians and freethinkers, and is himself an exceptionally talented and passionate remixer, so a bursting-at-the-seams remix collection was only a matter of time. When Kaschte summons, everyone responds: as well as Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus, ex Death In June), Merzbow, Albin Sunlight Julius (ex Blutharsch) and General Lina Babydoll (Deutsch Nepal), all names of international standing, a constant procession of German acts and acts new to the scene became involved. Whether Santa Hates You, Tying Tiffany, Alter Der Ruine, Fabrik C, Mechanical Moth or the legendary Müller Of Death - they all gilded Kaschte's originals with their own individual sound and created sound sculptures of timeless beauty, tremendous brutality and intricate elegance. On this curiously-named collection, 'Käfer.Maden.Würmer.Spinnen.' (English translation: 'Beetles.Maggots.Worms.Spiders.'), Kaschte also gave newcomers a chance: the contributions from Jovian Spin and Morpheus Lunae point the way for the futures of those bands.

In order to satisfy fans' hearts beyond all measure, 'Käfer.Maden.Würmer.Spinnen.' naturally also contains new and unreleased material such as rare demos, live recordings and a cover version. Just like 'Anleitung zum Totsein' and 'Amok', 'Käfer.Maden.Würmer.Spinnen.' is therefore a Kaschte-esque tour de force through and through! 35 songs, 150 minutes.

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tracklist/more details

CD1 Samsas Traum
  1. All Die Toten Spiegel 3:07
  2. Leb' Wohl, Geliebter Sohn 4:37
  3. A - Wie "Antarktika" [Instrumental Demo] 5:00
  4. Im Zeichen Des Wurms [Instrumental Demo] 3:45
  5. Endstation Eden [Live In Wien - 16.11.2009] 4:21
  6. Mr. Misanthropia [Live In Wien - 16.11.2009] 4:45
  7. Durch Die Wand Der Träume [Chillheimer Remix] 4:18
  8. Das Ist Liebe [Noktis Remix] 3:46
  9. Den Wolken Näher [Tying Tiffany Remix] 4:18
  10. Ich Sehe Die Sterne Bei Tag [Jovian Spin Remix] 3:50
  11. Gott Hat Kein Gesicht [Lucidstatic Remix] 4:51
  12. Satanshimmel Voller Geigen [K Is For Kraken Neuinterpretation] 4:40
  13. Sisyphos [Digimortal Neuinterpretation] 3:27
  14. Betet Für Mich [Alter Der Ruine Remix] 5:20
  15. Gott Hat Kein Gesicht [Fabrik C Remix] 6:04
  16. Was Danach Kommt: Spinnen [Waiting In Vain Remix] 6:35
  17. Das Lächeln Eines Toten [Tony Wakeford Neuinterpretation] 4:07

CD2 Weena Morloch
  1. Amok [Orchester Version] 4:07
  2. Sonne Wie Winter 5:13
  3. Ein Lied Dich Zu Töten [Instrumental Demo] 4:33
  4. Hallo Verfassungsschutz 3:38
  5. Akku Und Bachyt 5:02
  6. Kaputt! [Santa Hates You Remix] 4:18
  7. Die Nacht Der Stumpfen Messer [Mechanical Moth Remix] 4:05
  8. Versprochen [Morpheus Lunae Remix] 4:00
  9. Herz Und Faust [Extize Remix] 5:07
  10. Stammheim (Kampf) [Albin Sunlight Julius Remix] 4:14
  11. Disko-Vampir [The Girl And The Robot Remix] 4:28
  12. Alarm [Ptyl Remix] 3:06
  13. Wenn Ich Einmal Groß Bin [Metallspürhunde Remix] 4:52
  14. God (B)Less America (Duck And Cover) [Deutsch Nepal Remix] 4:21
  15. Herz Und Faust [Valium Era Remix] 3:48
  16. Versprochen [Merzbow Remix] 3:39
  17. Die Nacht Der Stumpfen Messer [Müller Of Death Remix] 3:03
  18. Amok [:Golgatha: Version] 4:07
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