ltd. 12" Picture Vinyl Edition SAMSAS TRAUM "Das vergessene Album"


limitierte 12" Picture Vinyl Edition
Das vergessene Album

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released 29.03.2019


limitierte 12" Picture Vinyl Edition
Das vergessene Album

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ltd. 12" Picture Vinyl Edition SAMSAS TRAUM "Das vergessene Album"

  • Strictly limited to 666 copies

Barely half a year since the release of ‘Scheiden tut weh’, SAMSAS TRAUM return just in time for their spring tour with ‘Das vergessene Album’ (‘The Forgotten Album’), thereby reacting to the wishes of countless fans to release the songs from their successful current album in their original form. A reminder: In 2018, Alexander Kaschte’s band achieved a campaign target of EUR171,000 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and used the money on the editing, restoration and production of unreleased and forgotten pieces of music, among other things.

‘Das vergessene Album’ includes the songs from ‘Scheiden tut weh’ in new mixes, WITHOUT the orchestra that was added later, thereby granting an uncompromising, authentic glimpse of the original material. ‘Das vergessene Album’ takes the songs from ‘Scheiden tut weh’ and leads them in a raw, primitive and ‘different’ direction. The perfect production from top Russian producer Nickolay Bazhenov, along with the outstanding sound, help ensure that ‘Das vergessene Album’ can be seen as an independent release in its own right, and not just an addition to ‘Scheiden tut weh’. And without doubt, there will be many fans who prefer this version of the album to the acclaimed original.

The overall impression of high quality is rounded off by the luxurious packaging, which has been produced using matt paper. ‘Das vergessene Album’ is housed in a 20-page digibook, and the original artwork by BMX talent and metal artist Septian Fajrianto has been masterfully coloured by comic colourist Bryan Valenza.

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tracklist/more details

Tracklisting - Seite 1:

  1. Die Taufe
  2. Bis in alle Ewigkeit
  3. Dein bleicher Wolf
  4. Parasitenfotze
  5. Im Tal des schwarzen Mondes
  6. Auch du

Tracklisting - Seite 2:

  1. Ich bin der Antichrist
  2. Scheiden tut weh
  3. Das Grab war leer
  4. Das Madenlied
  5. Dafür sind Helden da
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