ltd. 2CD Book+Shirt SAMSAS TRAUM "Anleitung zum Totsein"


ltd. 2CD Book+Shirt
Anleitung Zum Totsein

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released 01.07.2011

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ltd. 2CD Book+Shirt
Anleitung Zum Totsein

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ltd. 2CD Book+Shirt SAMSAS TRAUM "Anleitung zum Totsein"

The master of symphonic gothic music, the undisputed king of German fairytale-metal is back - Alexander Kaschte presents a new studio album by his controversial band Samsas Traum.

The last three Samsas Traum releases were rather experimental in nature: with the black metal hurricane ´Heiliges Herz´, the intimate acoustic ´Wenn schwarzer Regen´ and the death ´n´ roll birthday release ´13 Jahre lang dagegen - Anti bis zum Tod´ (which doesn´t count as an official release), the ´Käferkönig´ materialised firing on all cylinders. The latest album ´Anleitung zum Totsein´ returns to the band´s roots and skilfully combines all of the Samsas Traum motifs into a thrilling and intense hour of music. Bombastic orchestration collides with massive walls of guitars and violent bass attacks interweave with deadly accurate drum salvos to form a homogenous whole which lays the foundations for Kaschte´s inimitable singing and vocal acrobatics.

Whether sensitive and tender, bold and brutal, infernally screeching or with stirring choirs, on ´Anleitung zum Totsein´ the ´master of a thousand voices´ undoubtably makes the dreams of fans old and new alike come true. On this disc, which can be construed as a concept album about death, Kaschte´s lyrics are once again formidable, due to the authentic German lyricism and poignant poetry. Kaschte´s words begin where the language of other bands ends. His music tests the boundaries of his audience. The intensity of his works leaves his contemporaries far behind.

On ´Anleitung zum Totsein´ Kaschte once again receives musical support from the lightning-fingered Luca Princiotta (Doro) and Stephan ´Gudze´ Hinz (H-Blockx) - both instrumentalists of the highest standard and masters in their fields. Furnished with a production which will blow the dust out of the hintermost crannies in the cellar, ´Anleitung zum Totsein´ will, as surely as eggs is eggs, be celebrated in the appropriate scene clubs as it produces four club hits. ´Durch die Wand der Träume´, ´Im Zeichen des Wurms´, ´Betet für mich´ and ´Den Wolken näher´ will proclaim Kaschte´s return to joyful patrons on dancefloors throughout the land. THE DREAM IS NOT YET OVER!

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  1. Was Danach Kommt: Spinnen
  2. Das Ist Liebe
  3. Ich Sehe Die Sterne Bei Tag
  4. Das Vor Allen Spiegeln - Für Isabelle
  5. Mein Versprechen
  6. Durch Die Wand Der Träume
  7. Den Wolken Näher
  8. Im Zeichen Des Wurms
  9. A - Wie "Antarktika"
  10. Gott Hat Kein Gesicht
  11. Betet Für Mich
  12. Das Lächeln Eines Toten


  1. Nicht verwendetes Intro
  2. Sequence
  3. 13
  4. Den Wolken näher (Orchester - Version)
  5. Im Zeichen des Wurms (SCHWARZER ENGEL - Neuinterpretation)
  6. Ich sehe die Sterne bei Tag (MANTUS - Neuinterpretation)
  7. Mein Versprechen (featuring Maurizio Guarini / GOBLIN)
  8. Betet für mich (featuring Maurizio Guarini / GOBLIN)
  9. Gott hat kein Gesicht (featuring Maurizio Guarini / GOBLIN)
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