12" Split Colour Vinyl Edition + DEATH NOTE Sopor Aeternus "Death & Flamingos"


12" Split Colour Vinyl Edition + DEATH NOTE
Death & Flamingos



12" Split Colour Vinyl Edition + DEATH NOTE
Death & Flamingos

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12" Split Colour Vinyl Edition + DEATH NOTE Sopor Aeternus "Death & Flamingos"


If you would like to show Anna-Varney Cantodea additional support and would love to help her realise future works, the most direct way to do so is to purchase the 'DEATH NOTE'.

The 'DEATH NOTE' is a 350gsm, A5 size high quality linen paper certificate, printed on both sides. Featuring a handwritten, named dedication by Anna-Varney Cantodea, who will also personally sign it.

Each certificate is a unique item, featuring YOUR name!

"Death & Flamingos" is the totally unexpected, old-school deathrock album many long-time fans have probably been secretly hoping for for decades. This is fucking great.
->teaser @ youtube<-

1. Vinyl

  • 12" split colour vinyl
  • Black and pink ('half & half')
  • 180 grams
  • Super-audiophile high quality record

2. Vinyl packaging

  • Custom-designed, extraordinarily lavish packaging
  • Opulent 'old style' oversized gatefold packaging
  • Extremely robust hard cover
  • Lined with linen texture paper
  • Additionally adorned with silver hot foil print
  • Record held in foldout inner pocket
  • Inner pocket attached by black cloth
  • With luxurious relief embossing
  • Plus the inside has also been printed black

3. Additional features

  • Additional black inner sleeve with antistatic lining to house the record
  • Includes all album lyrics by Anna-Varney Cantodea

4. Limited edition

  • Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide


  • If you would like your copy to be personally dedicated, enter your name in the special text field provided for the purpose when ordering.
  • If you do not wish your copy to be personally dedicated, please just enter 'NO' or three dashes '---' in this text field instead.
  • In the event that bulk orders are placed with friends etc, in order to save postage: Upon completion of your order please email your forenames (and just the forenames please!) for the respective dedications on the individual copies to support@fantotal.de, stating the order number.
  • Due to the extremely limited nature of this release, orders will be processed in the order that payments arrive.
  • Because pressing plants sometimes supply under-deliveries, any orders that cannot be fulfilled will be cancelled and credited.
  • Items personalised with dedications are excluded from our return policy!

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Tracklisting LP - Seite 1:

  1. Side A
  2. Kinder des Teufels
  3. Spellbound
  4. The Boy must die
  5. Mephistophilia
  6. Gone

Tracklisting LP - Seite 2:

  1. Side B
  2. Coffin Break
  3. Vor dem Tode träumen wir
  4. Death Waltz
  5. Charnel-House
  6. Mors Ultima Ratio...
  7. Theme from Death & Flamingos
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