Sopor Aeternus

lim. 2x12" Vinyl
Songs from the inverted Womb

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released 23.09.2016

Sopor Aeternus

lim. 2x12" Vinyl
Songs from the inverted Womb

Product.Nr. AV-039-LP

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lim. 12" Vinyl Sopor Aeternus "Songs from the inverted Womb"

We are delighted to present the second part of what we lovingly dubbed the picture disc years re-releases: the beautiful and dark "Songs from the inverted Womb".


Once again, in order to NOT take anything away from the much loved treasure that is the original picture disc release (which many people do not even want to risk playing on their turn-tables), this new edition is therefore a rather stripped-down one (relatively speaking). No gatefold-covers, posters or signatures. Just a simple cover, classic black vinyl in 180gram audiophile quality and printed inner sleeves.


While not adding anything new, Anna-Varney Cantodea, however, had the original negatives re-scanned in high resolution and re-created the artwork for us. Now everything looks as crisp and clear as never before. Also, the audio has been re-mastered especially for this vinyl re-release.


  • Black 2x12" vinyl
  • Postcard with original cover photo (22x22cm)
  • 180g audiophile quality
  • Remastered for vinyl cut
  • Printed inner sleeves
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies world-wide


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Something Wicked this Way comes
Tales from the inverted Womb
Do you know about the Water of Life?
...And Bringer of Sadness

Totes Kind / Little dead Boy
May I kiss your Wound?
Saturn devouring his Children
There was a Country by the Sea
Little velveteen Knight

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