Schwarzer Weihrauch
black incense

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released 04.12.2015


Schwarzer Weihrauch
black incense

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Schwarzer Weihrauch Sopor Aeternus "black incense"

Are you suffering from the stench of ill-bred children, filthy husbands, unfashionable pets and/or decaying lovers? Then this is for you: SOPOR AETERNUS' black incense!!! 23 transgenitally occult cones of oppressively atmospheric smokes have been individually packaged in extraordinarily handy (and flawlessly designed) boxes by the gentle hands of the beautiful Anna-Varney Cantodea herself. This indispensable pocket-size travel-companion is ideal for instant sacrifices and elaborate hobby-exorcisms alike.

Only to be used on fire-proof surfaces.
Guaranteed to keep the ghosts at bay. Maybe.

  Warning: Not suitable for children under three years. This is not a toy.

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