Tape Edition - Hot Pink
The Spiral Sacrifice



Tape Edition - Hot Pink
The Spiral Sacrifice

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Tape Edition - Hot Pink Sopor Aeternus "The Spiral Sacrifice"

  • "Hot pink" coloured cassette in transparent cellophane pouch
  • Enclosed in stylish wraparound insert
  • Both sides of the cassette are completely printed in full colour
  • Detailed motif print is additionally adorned with high-gloss spot varnish
  • J-card printed in colour on both sides
  • Additional A6 size lyric booklet, 20 pages
  • Includes all album lyrics by Anna-Varney Cantodea
  • Enclosed in a black envelope
  • Hand-sealed three times by Anna-Varney Cantodea
  • Hand-numbered by Anna-Varney Cantodea
  • Hand-packed by Anna-Varney Cantodea
  • Strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide

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Tracklisting TAPE

Side A

  1. Everything is an Illusion
  2. Where the End begins
  3. There are Scars in the Evening Sky
  4. The broken & shattered Moon
  5. I cannot go back to the Way I was
  6. In the Company of Beasts
  7. When you love a Man
  8. Through the Forest wondrously
  9. By the Waters of Forgetfulness
  10. Ein freundlich' Wort einst unverhofft

Side B

  1. I am done with Men
  2. Sometimes you make me smile
  3. At Sunset through the Fields aflame
  4. In the old House (we made out well)
  5. Light in the Attic
  6. If I could go back in Time
  7. I am so glad it's over
  8. Let me say it now
  9. Through your Eyes
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