Vinyl Edition (3LP)
The Spiral Sacrifice

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released 08.02.2018


Vinyl Edition (3LP)
The Spiral Sacrifice

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Vinyl Edition Sopor Aeternus "The Spiral Sacrifice"

  • Black 180 gram 3x12" vinyl
  • Black inner sleeves with antistatic lining
  • Extra-audiophile high quality discs - German pressing!
  • Opulent gatefold sleeve that has additionally been printed black on the inside
  • Outer side additionally adorned with glossy metallic hot foil print
  • Also features luxurious imitation leather print
  • With additional booklet including all album lyrics by Anna-Varney Cantodea
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide

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tracklist/more details

Tracklisting Vinyl

Vinyl 1 - Seite A:

  1. Everything is an Illusion
  2. Where the End begins
  3. There are Scars in the Evening Sky

Vinyl 1 - Seite B:

  1. The broken & shattered Moon
  2. I cannot go back to the Way I was
  3. In the Company of Beasts

Vinyl 2 - Seite A:

  1. When you love a Man
  2. Through the Forest wondrously
  3. By the Waters of Forgetfulness
  4. Ein freundlich' Wort einst unverhofft

Vinyl 2 - Seite B:

  1. I am done with Men
  2. Sometimes you make me smile
  3. At Sunset through the Fields aflame
  4. In the old House (we made out well)

Vinyl 3 - Seite A:

  1. Light in the Attic
  2. If I could go back in Time
  3. I am so glad it's over

Vinyl 3 - Seite B:

  1. Let me say it now
  2. Through your Eyes
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